About James E. Moore
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Dr. James E. Moore, composer, conductor, pianist, and master teacher, currently resides in Vienna, Austria, where he teaches voice and has served as conductor of the Chor der Alten Burse. With graduate degrees in piano and choral conducting, Jim is well known for his masterful work with choirs and ensembles. His unforgettable songs, like "Taste and See" and "I Will Be with You," have appeared in hymnals throughout the English-speaking world. Prior to his move to Vienna, Dr. Moore was director of music at Saint Agnes Parish in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was Assistant Professor of Music and Liturgy at the Athenaeum of Ohio Theological Seminary.


James Moore in Concert
Gather local choirs for an evening of James' inspirational music. This festival evening can last 1 1/2-2 hours.

Singing Your Own Song
A workshop on basic vocal production for cantors, soloists, and choirs that inspires confidence and leads to competence in the vocal/choral art. Discover the artist within and have fun in the process.

Improving the Song of the Gathered Assembly
Dr. Moore is available for an evaluation process of your assembly, which will offer insights and recommendations for improved congregational participation. Flexible times are available for this process.

Please contact Tony Giglio for more information.

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